Armageddon Outta Here

by Awfsome

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released May 17, 2012



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AWFSOME Providence, Rhode Island

4 piece punk band from providence rhode island. Just released a demo back in June and have been playing some shows in the NE area and ripping it up!

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Track Name: Go Help Me Sod!
Take me in
Broken and ugly
Like a stray dog
Lost and lonely

Give me shelter
Show me pity
Closest to love
I'll ever be

Closest to love a stray like me
Could ever hope to be
Show me i'm disposable
Throw me out into the cold
Wandering in disarray
Still wandering

This cycle never stops
I want be cut off
shut it off
Track Name: Surely Shirley
Just face it
You're to afraid to admit
That you hate yourself
You don't hide it well
It's pretty plain to see
You look like shit
and you wreak of desperation
Your salvation lies
In the darkness where you dwell
The only one who can save you
is your fucking self

Rust away
Break apart

I really think you need some fucking help
Everyone of your problems you brought on yourself
Keep laughing away you're not fooling anyone
Just know someday soon I'm not going to be there....
For you

Your whole life revolves around lies,
I will never fucking be like you.
Track Name: Bloodbath And Beyond
I'm so tired
So very tired
My eyes are on fire
There's not enough hours in the day

I have to accept the fact
That I cant resurrect the past
I've been holding on for so so long
I just don't want to let go
My fingers begin to slip
I fear I'm losing my grip

I'm all alone
Falling into the shadows

When my brain can function I dream of sleep
My life's become nothing more than a zombie like routine
I cant stop second guessing myself
I'm wrong all the time
Nothings ever right
I want to break out of my body
I want to extend myself
I want to penetrate thin air
I want to reach out but I just retract
into my cracked shell..
Now I realize

Killing myself every night
Wont bring you back
Back to life.